Monday, March 07, 2016

Lincoln's Landing at Swampscott

Breakfast is the meal of the day that I consider important enough that I will make sure I will take. I could miss lunch and dinner but not breakfast. When I was visiting Nahant over one of the weekends in June 2016, I learnt about a place in the neighbourhood that served delicious breakfast. The omelettes from Lincoln's Landing are noteworthy to consider.

Here's sharing a few photos of my visits to Lincoln's Landing at Swampscott for anyone who is interested to look for a place for breakfast in the area. I like the cosy and homely interior decor at Lincoln's Landing. I felt I was enjoying breakfast in the comfort of my own neighbourhood even though I was actually miles away from home. 

I would say that based on the limited period of a few days when I was staying near Swampscott area, I easily vote Lincoln's Landing as the best place for breakfast for anyone staying near the Swampscott area! I had breakfast from Lincoln's Landing only once during my short stay in the neighbourhood yet my positive impression of the food there remains in my memory. 

Omelette with Veggie and Mozarella.
The tasty potatoes complimented the omelette.

The food from Lincoln's Landing is delicious.Even though I had breakfast earlier the day, I was happy to have my second serving of breakfast for the day at Lincoln's Landing. Lincoln's Landing opens at 7 a.m. each day. 

This is a place we could also consider to get take-away lunches from. On one of the mornings, I got a turkey sandwich from Lincoln's Landing for myself for lunch!

Lincoln's Landing
156 Humphrey Street
MA 01907
Tel: +1 781 593 5565

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