Monday, April 10, 2006

List B

I am trying to choose a suitable piece from List B of the ABRSM Double Bass Grade 8 practical exams syllabus. List B of the exams syllabus comprises of a list of contemporary works.

I tried to sight-read Lament and Conversation Piece from Christopher Benstead's Four Episodes. Afterwhich, I sight-read Bryan Kelly's Caliban and Ariel. Somehow, I felt it very hard to relate to any of these pieces. Contemporary works seems to pose a challenge to me. I could not quite appreciate the rhythms that was required of me. I am feeling discouraged. I don't seem to be getting anywhere.

Was I too ambitious to aim to sit for the Grade 8 practical exams this year?


emily said...

no, you're definitely not too ambitoius.

I believe in you.

I did caliban and ariel. Its fantastic. Really~ =) But its not easy. I found it hard to relate to bernstead though.

Give it some time to sink in , and try again. Thats the thing with contemporary pieces.

OR, you can ask ABRSM if you can play Emily's works instead. (no, im just joking)

mistipurple said...

emily's works should be good. haha!

don't worry. just do it. you will make it if you get your notes right. i like contemporary pieces because there is a leeway in how you interpret them, unlike for eg., Bach or the others.

can you get your orchestra tutor to play it for you? it helps when someone plays it better and you kind of get an idea rather than figuring it out on your own at this point. of course, i do not recommend this way to students because it is also bad to give them a 'predesigned' idea of how it should sound. but find a good player and i think it will outweigh the bad reasons! :P

pinkie said...

why dun u just try?

reminds me of the days I took de exams... shudder...

Anonymous said...

YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!

Simple American said...

Nothing ventured.

Nothing gained.