Sunday, January 06, 2008

Question for week 1

If each step and each pause
Only lands one to blank space times and again
What can bring hope to the heart
That there is indeed something worth living for?


mistipurple said...

do you know the first person i called when i took out my back was you? that says something ya?
it means you are my friend.
and the journey you travelled has brought joy to many.

carcar said...

i cant agreed more with misti.

u are such a sweet, gentle, detailed, caring and smart girl.

you brought joy and frenship to me.

Anonymous said...

You ask yourself the wrong question PY.

Btw, thank you so very much for the postcard, very thoughtful of you. It made my day! thank you.

oceanskies79 said...

Misti: Thanks for regarding me as a friend. Some journey just get hard to bear at times...thanks for your support along the way.

Carcar: My pleasure. Thanks for your kind compliments.

Kunstemaecker: You are welcome for the postcard. I am glad you like it.
What question could I ask then?

eastcoastlife said...

In your job, it can get depressing and frustrating sometimes. Don't let that affect you.

You are indeed a great friend. I can't thank you enough for your get-well cards and gifts and treats. And your encouraging words.

We have to meet for some sisterhood. I'll call you.

mistipurple said...

PY, blog leh. miss reading you. :)

oceanskies79 said...

ECL: Thank you for your kind thoughts.