Saturday, January 05, 2008

Something new in an old place

Today, Carcar introduced me to something new that I have not heard about: MAAD (Market of Artists and Designers).

Located at the Red Dot Traffic Building, at MAAD, one can buy the original artworks (art, music, media, design, fashion and innovation). MAAD is supported by the red dot design museum and Creative Community Singapore. It takes place on every first weekend of the month at the red dot design museum.

The Red Dot Traffic Building is a colonial building that had once used to serve as the traffic police headquarters. So I suppose it would be apt to say that I have discovered something that is new to me in a place that isn't new to me, in a building that has years of history behind it.

Here are links to some of the noteworthy finds that I had discovered while I was at MAAD:

If you are looking for original artworks to purchase, MAAD can be one of the place to check out. The best deal is that admission to the red dot design museum is free on days when MAAD is held, so one not only gets to see original artworks but also outstanding designs that are winners of the red dot design awards.

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carcar said...

this is cool, yr post always so informative.

i shall link this to my new post.

tks for yr time yday. hope yr cough is getting better by now.

get well sooon.