Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The historic Fort Canning on HTV

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HTV stands for Heritage TV.

There is a new episode of HTV, and it features Fort Canning, a place which I used to visit fairly often during my undergraduate days. I used to go there to look at sculptures that were on display at Fort Canning back in those years. The next reason why I had visited Fort Canning Hill was that I needed to find ways to while my time constructively, on the pretext of visiting Fort Canning Hill to sketch.

Anyway, in short, Fort Canning Hill holds some fond memories for me. It therefore brings me great pleasure to share with you the latest episode of HTV.

What makes Fort Canning Hill an important place in the history of Singapore? Who was the last king of Singapore? How does it look like? Find out more in this episode of HTV titled On the Historic Fort Canning trail.

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