Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I am feeling thankful

I am feeling thankful tonight. I have been in the mood to sing for the past few days. It is as if there is something pent up within me eager to be released. On my way to orchestra rehearsal in the evening, I was feeling in need of a good recharge. Orchestra rehearsal earlier tonight had provided a very therapeutic outlet for my strong need to express and to recharge. It is humbling to realise how powerful Music is.

More importantly, I am thankful for the privilege and opportunity to have dinner with one of my good friends earlier this evening. Time with treasured friends are precious to me. I thank her for making the time to have dinner with me.

Now I shall end this post by wishing everyone a restful night. I realised I need to catch up on my rest. Good night.


Cool Insider said...

It is nice to hear that you have moments of inspiration and happiness in life. This is important for all of us, as we seek that little oasis in the desert of our daily grind. Meeting up with friends for meals, gaining a new perspective, and seeing things from a different angle.

After all, life isn't just about the dollars and cents, but the birds, trees and roses too.

oceanskies79 said...

Cool Insider: Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I am pleased that I have chosen to make time to meet my friend for dinner. You are right to say life isn't just about dollars and cents, and accomplishing duties.