Friday, April 24, 2009

Labrador Jetty

A good friend of mine told me that it would be therapeutic to be at the beach. In the hope to get some therapy from Mother Nature, I took a trip to Labrador Beach. Of all the beaches in Singapore, I decided that Labrador Beach shall be the one to visit for that day. It was a weekend on 12 Apr 2009, so I could take bus service 408 to Labrador Park.

The bus stopped me at a bus-stop that was within walking distance from the start of the aerial staircase. From the aerial staircase at Labrador Park, I could get a nice view of Labrador Jetty. I would have stood there at the aerial staircase if there had been a seat to sit on. Nevertheless, even though there was no seat, I was already offered a marvellously beautiful sight of the sea and the Labrador Jetty from the aerial staircase.

If you have a love for aerial views of the sea and beaches, Labrador Park is a good place to visit. The Labrador Jetty when seen against the sunset skies looked particularly quiet and dignified. Perhaps that was why many had visited the Labrador Jetty for the unique view that it offered.

As I was writing this post and looking at the photos, inspirations for a short poem came to my mind:

Time seems to have froze
I ask,
What do I need out of Life?
Then strangely
Many achievements in life become not as important
As a moment when one awes in the beauty of Nature.

I wonder how life would have been if it had been much simpler?


mistipurple said...

happy that you had a peaceful time at the beach. watch out for stormy weather though. not that we know when they're going to happen.

EastCoastLife said...

Labrador Jetty is so far by bus. I can only wait for Sunday when hubby drives me there. :)

oceanskies79 said...

Misti: Thanks for the reminder.

Eastcoastlife: Lucky lady, you have a hubby to drive you there. By the way, there is a bus service that drives into Labrador Park on weekends.

pinkie said...

Hope I'll get to Labrador Park one day, with the kids... thanks for the tip on the bus service! :)