Friday, April 10, 2009

Satay craze and more

On 28 Mar 2009, I was at Lau Pa Sat with a cherished friend of mine.

I have heard from a fellow blogger, Veron of, about the delicious satays from Satay Stall Number 7 & 8 from Lau Pa Sat. So when I was there, I decided I must order some satays from the stall, Best Satay.

The satay tasted nice even though yours truly isn't a lover of satay. It had actually been quite a while ever since I had eaten satay. Any food will taste wonderful with good company, so I suppose I was quite a satisfied diner that evening.

After the meal, my friend and I sat along a part of the Singapore River and we happened to be there to witness Earth Hour together. Singapore River looked pretty different when the lights of the exterior of the buildings along Singapore River were dimmed so as to support Earth Hour. I could not help but admire the sights that night.

In essence, I am grateful for meaningful time spent with a treasured friend.


Doreen said...

You're not a fan of satay? How come? They're so yummy. Is it because you don't like the taste of bbq-ed meat? I love satay especially the ketumpat that comes with it.

oceanskies79 said...

Doreen: I am generally more a vegetables-eater than a meat-eater so satay fall lower on my list of food to eat. Furthermore, I don't have nice outlets that sell fabulous satay near my home and my offices. I am quite a fussy eater.

So it was good to try satays that were good that day, especially when there was good company. :)

kyh said...

I love the peanut sauce that comes with the dish. Delicious! :)

oceanskies79 said...

kyk: I like the peanut sauce too. :)