Monday, January 25, 2010

24 Jan 2010

Thank goodness for good friends like Mystic. She provided insightful company when we went to the Singapore Art Museum yesterday.

I used to prefer to visit art galleries alone. Solitude was my preference back then. Perhaps I have evolved. I have grown to realise that it can be interesting to engage in dialogues with good friends over art pieces. Art is not just a visual form of representation of something. I suppose art can serve to be a catalyst that sparks off interesting conversations and exchanges of ideas. I didn't quite realised this subtle change in my preference for viewing artworks until yesterday when I was visiting the museum with Mystic.

After the museum visit, we had dinner at Yet Con which was known for its chicken rice and so forth. We also went for dessert in the evening.

Well, the company matters more than anything else. Many thanks to Mystic for making time to appreciate the finer beauty of art, and perhaps life itself.


pinkie said...

I think so too that it would be nice to have a friend along who can give alternative view on art pieces, that will be most interesting.

tuti said...

good friends help us in our growth. i am glad you have mystic in your life. :)