Sunday, July 18, 2010

More of the Night Festival: New World 2010

If my previous post "Snippets of the Night Festival: New World 2010" leaves you yearning for more, here are a few more photographs from the festival to fill you in.

Mustering some courage, I went to check out the Abusement Park on 17 Jul 2010 and it appeared that I was not ready to face the "torture" and "abuse" of the Abusement Park. Patrons of the Abusement Park could pay money to subject themselves to various "torture" and "abuse". Imagine that patrons are in an amusement park but instead of playing games to entertain themselves, they choose the kind of "torture" that they would like to subject themselves to. One of the "torture' is that of getting one's head "beheaded" by the guillotine. While I knew that all these torture were safe and would not cost me my life, I decided not to try any of these "abusement".

Nearby, the world's slowest SMS billboard was constantly in action as the team of human assemblers manually assemble messages on the giant billboard for everyone to read. There was a message wishing someone "Happy Birthday" and the team of human assemblers sang loud and clear a birthday song after they have completed assembling the birthday message.

If you are observant enough to notice that the message on the billboardin the photograph below read "If you're happy and you know it clap your hand!", you may have a vague idea what the team of human assemblers would be singing. The spectators responded by clapping their hands along with the singing.

A distance away at the Substation, we could find people delighted by the Community Mural Project. If one could bear with the strong smell from the paints, one would love being empowered to create large-scale art mural under the guidance of local graffiti artists, ZERO and ANTZ. I saw many people having lots of fun expressing their creativity.

Many people have been raving about Paraboles 2.0 but I had missed it! I was not prepared to stay up so late at night to catch the performance involving the six giant satellite dishes. The closest I could get was to take photographs of the Paraboles 2.0 which proved to be a test of my technical skills when all I possess was a simple automatic digital camera that I had bought about five years ago.

Anyway, for the curious minds, part of the synposis of the performance goes as such: "The six monumental dishes have picked up a signal. The unstructured sounds from outer space crackle and throb. Six musicians, conducted by the Women in Black, are trying to decode and translate those abstract sounds..."

On the Singapore Management University's Campus Green, there were many performances, films and installations by various artistic groups that will surely entertain.

If you had missed this year's Night Festival, do consider making time for next year's.

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