Monday, March 26, 2012

Music bless us all

I write this post with gratitude of the gifts that music and art have bestowed me. Through music and art, I have collaborated with countless creative souls and experienced the value of team-work.

The recent concert that I had played in was a success. The orchestra as a whole has scaled new heights. For myself, it was a humbling experience to continue to learning deeper and more new things from playing music. Reflecting, everyone in the orchestra has journeyed and grew a long way from the first day since the orchestra started preparing for the recent concert.

The title of the concert was Providence. Perhaps life does provide, fate does lead us like an unknown hand to where we ought to? I have no idea. Yet the entire experience to explore the theme of fate in the Fifth Symphony of Tchaikovsky was a humbling one.

Many thanks to family, friends and all well-wishers for your support and encouragement. These mean a lot to me.

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