Friday, March 09, 2012

Stephanie Dowrick's Ten Tips to take charge and stay calm

One of my favourite writers, Stephanie Dowrick, shared ten tips on how one can take charge and stay calm.

Please find her tips here:

One of the tips that I have found useful is this:
2. Ask yourself: “What’s needed right now?” Or, “What would help right now?” When your primitive mind says, “Nothing”, persist. Keep asking: “What memory, what plan, what breathing, what comfort would help right now?” In very bad moments, write down the question and your answer. Keep writing until you have some clarity and less confusion and helplessness. It will also help just to remember that, “This too will pass.” At times when you can’t write, say your helpful phrase over and over like a mantra. This literally soothes. When stuck, imagine what you would say to the person you love best. Say that to your own self.

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