Sunday, April 21, 2013

Read: Value Investing for Women

Title: Value Investing for Women
Author: Pauline Teo
Published by: 8 Media Pte Ltd
Produced by: WORX Design and Communications Pte Ltd

I had meant to read this book at a later date. However, two female friends who had read the book highly recommended it. They claimed that it was easy to read. So I read it. I felt very pleased that this book is written in an accessible and easy-to-read manner. It took me less than a few days to read this book from cover to cover.

The concepts of value investing were explained in an easy to understand manner. This is perhaps one of the best book that I have read thus far on value investing. It is presented in a way that females are likely to find it easy to relate to. Males may find this book easy to find to read too although this book was written in a way that would appeal to females who prefer the technical aspects of value investing to be explained in the layman language.

This book reminded me to take charge of my own finances, and learn to work towards financial independence.

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