Monday, May 27, 2013

Read: Stephanie Dowrick's Creative Journal Writing


Title: Creative Journal Writing: The Art and Heart of Reflection
Author: Stephanie Dowrick
Publisher: Penguin Group, USA.

On several occasions, I had borrowed this book from the library. Each time, I read a few chapters of the book. Recently, I have managed to finish reading most chapters, if not all, of this book.

This book provides ideas for anyone who is interested in journal writing. Stephanie Dowrick, through her writing, reminded me that the process of writing journal is not to be understood, it is to use writing as a process to understand ourselves people.

I like the practical suggestions and the key principles that were mentioned in this book. To illustrate the joy and benefits of journal writing, the book includes stories of how people have used journal writing to transform their lives.

As I read this book, I started to rekindle the activity of journal writing using pen and paper. While blogging is in some ways a form of journal writing, I find that writing down one's journal using pen and paper is a more direct experience.

One of the ideas I find helpful to use when I experience some kind of creative block is to write about 'nothing'. Exploring 'nothing' can be a journey of the unexpected in itself.

I also like the idea of writing to my wise self. There seem to be a sense of connection with the divine in the process of doing so.

This is a book to re-read from time to time as we engage in journal writing.

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