Friday, May 17, 2013

Read: Value Investing for Employees


Title: Value Investing for Employees
Author: Clive Tan
Publisher: Candid Creation Publishing (Jan 2012)

Some time last year, I attend a work-related course on practical financial counselling. Other than the concepts of saving, creating new sources of income, debt-management and protection, I also learnt the concept of investment. That course got me to be more aware that my level of financial literacy needs to be greatly enhanced.

In an effort to gain more financial literacy and to figure out what value investing is, I found myself getting a copy of the above-mentioned book to give it a good read. It took me more than three weeks to read the book as I still find the technical concepts such as current ratio, cash ratio, price to earning ratio requiring more time to fully understand.

The other sections of the book that focuses on the foundations of value investing, the investment principles and investment process were much more accessible to read and to understand. I appreciate the examples that were used in the book to illustrate the concepts though I admittedly still find myself struggling a bit with the technical concepts.

Nevertheless, this is a relatively accessible and good read for anyone who would like to get themselves started on learning about value-investing so as to find out how it could be applied. Many thanks to the author, Clive Tan, for putting this book together. The fact that he is a Singapore citizen makes this book even more applicable to our local context.

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