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Directions to get to Stephen Riady Centre Auditorium 2, part II

Yours truly will be performing in the following concert.

Journey to Vienna 
By NUS Symphony Orchestra 
Date: 30 Jun 2013 (Sun) 
Time: 8.00 p.m. 
Venue: Stephen Riady Centre, Auditorium 2, University Town, NUS. 
Tickets at $10 each. To order the tickets, please approach any member of the NUS Symphony Orchestra or contact

For the convenience of friends, supporters and members of the audience who will be attending this concert, here is a second part to how we can find our way to the Auditorium 2 at Stephen Riady Centre, University Town, NUS. 

The weather-proof way
This method is possibly suitable for people who prefer sheltered pedestrian walkways which will prove to be helpful during wet weather condition. It is also suitable for people who are familiar with getting to the University Cultural Centre and the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, yet have no clue how to get to University Town. Soon you will learn how to get to University Town!

Getting to Auditorium 2, Stephen Riady Centre, University Town, NUS
1) Take bus service 96 from Clementi bus interchange and alight at bus stop #16169 opposite the NUS University Cultural Centre and on the same side as NUS Raffles Hall. Then cross to the other side of the road to the bus-stop #16161.

1b) Alternatively, take bus service 151 and alight at bus-stop #16161, just after the NUS University Cultural Centre.

Bus stop #16161. After University Cultural Centre, and opposite Raffles Hall.

2) From bus stop #16161, you can choose to walk along the sheltered pedestrian walkway until you get to University Town. The walk is approximately 15 minutes from bus stop #16161 to University Town, Stephen Riady Centre.

2a) Alternatively, depending on the schedule of the NUS Internal Shuttle Bus Service, you can take bus service D2 from bus-stop #16161 and alight at the next stop. Please take note that the frequency of bus service D2 is about 30 minutes on Sundays.

Walk under the shelter of the sheltered pedestrian walkway.
This is the weather-proof way to get to University Town.

On the way to NUS University Town, enjoy the sceneries and the experience of walking across an expressway.
In the background is a glimpse of NUS University Town.

Congratulations! You are in University Town, NUS.

3) Look for directional signs or simply walk forward towards the direction of the Stephen Riady Centre, formerly known as the Edusports. Along the way, you will pass by Subway, Fish and Co Express and Koufu Food Court.

Koufu Food Court on the left.

4) After Koufu Food Court, look ahead and you will see the Stephen Riady Centre. Walk towards the Stephen Riady Centre and you will find yourself on the second level of the Stephen Riady Centre.

Stephen Riady Centre.
5) Take one of the nearby lifts or the stairways to get to the first level of Stephen Riady Centre. You will find the main entrance to Auditorium 2 on the ground level.

Second level of Stephen Riady Centre.
There is a Food Court on this level.
The toilets in this centre are gender-neutral.
Please expect to find doors to the Gents painted pink and doors to the Ladies painted blue and vice versa.

Level One. Entrance to Auditorium 2, Stephen Riady Centre. University Town, NUS.

Last but not the least, may you enjoy the concert. 

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