Monday, October 28, 2013

7 Jul 2013: An evening at a park

7 Jul 2013:

After the performance at MuTh, members of the orchestra had dinner at the Restaurant Wiener Rathauskeller. I felt grateful to the amount of care that the organizers have put in to host the participants of the Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival.

After the dinner, the bus brought us back to the hotel, Hotel Airo Tower.

It was summer in Vienna back in the month of July 2013. Although it was already about 8 p.m., the skies were still pretty bright. The evening seemed too young to head to sleep. My room-mate and I decided to check out the hotel's bar. Somehow, our minds decided to explore the park that was nearby the hotel.

The park was full of beautiful spaces. The park nearby the hotel offered a respite from the busy city life for its guests. It was a bit cold that evening so I was glad that I was wearing warm clothings. The colourful flowers were eager to greet all its visitors. The birds were chirping. How lovely to hear the birds sing. I was glad that I have made time to walk about the park. Nature is healing.

I later learnt that the name of the park that I had visited that evening is possibly Laaer Berg Kurpark. By the way, Hotel Airos Tower is located near a tram station. This station is the starting station of Tram 67. I felt blessed to have stayed in a hotel that was next to a park! It was healing to have stayed next to a park.

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