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5 Jul 2013: Waking up to a good morning

5 Jul 2013 (Sat):

Early in the morning. Prague.

Earlier this July, I was visiting Europe with the orchestra. We were on our way to Vienna to participate in the Summa Cum Laude International Youth Festival. To get to Vienna, our orchestra flew to Prague to travel to Vienna via coaches.

On our second day at Prague, I woke up pretty early to enjoy breakfast at Hotel NH Prague. I have a special liking for breakfast. A good breakfast marks a good start to any day! I soon learnt that breakfast at Hotel NH Prague was always worth looking forward for. The breakfast buffet provided a wide ranging choice of delicious and hearty food. I love the cereals and the serving of a variety of cheese. The company of good friends added joy to the morning routine of feasting on our breakfasts.

Sunrise took place as early as before 5 a.m. during summer in Prague, I was told. Yet, my body was possibly wanting a bit more rest from the long hours that was spent travelling from Singapore to Prague. I was not motivated to wake up early enough to walk to the Prague Castle to witness sunrise!

The plan for the morning was that where feasible, each section was to organise our own sectionals. In the end, since my section did not have double basses to practise on while we were in Prague, we did not have sectionals. I learnt that other sections had sectionals at the nearby public spaces near the hotel. It possibly did not prove to be the best idea for the residents living nearby and the lesson was learnt. Other sections probably met in their hotel rooms. I wonder if it would be a great idea to build hotels with facilities meant for travelling musicians who would like to rehearse during their free idea? I would prefer such facilities to swimming pools.

Anyway, close to noon, a group of us set off to explore Prague. Before I reveal more, here are photos to give a sneak preview of what we saw on our way to the nearest train station. The fruits at the nearby market place were extremely fresh!

I felt thankful for a lovely morning!

A stall selling cheese.

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