Friday, December 18, 2015

25 June 2015: A quick stopover at Salem

25 June 2015:

I had first heard about Salem from one of my friends who gave me tips when she learnt that I was visiting Massachusetts. Salem was, according to this friend of mine, famous for its witch trials.

On my way from Rockport to Swampscott, I decided I could have a stopover at Salem. Salem is a coastal city and it was the seagulls that drew me, not the stories of witches and witch crafts. Salem looked beautiful under the sunset skies. I would be happy to visit it again.

While I was in Salem, I came across a place that offered a ghost night tour. While I was keen to consider it, I did not eventually had the opportunity to attend the ghost night tour during my visit in June 2015. If you would like to check it out, please look for the Witch History Museum.

I was thankful for my decision to visit Rockport instead of Salem. I prefer Rockport a lot better. I guess I could go without witches and witch crafts? I was intrigued by a store in Salem that used a double bass as a decor for its display window. Would you be intrigued by it as well?

I had an awkward experience in Salem. I was looking for the Ladies and it was challenging to find a public toilet. I suppose I had visited Salem too late in the day? Nevertheless, I appreciated a quick and interesting stopover at Salem. No witch had I met!

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