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26 June 2015: A morning in Lynn

26 June 2015, Fri:

Summer in Lynn meant that the skies are bright for a longer duration. When I woke up at 5 a.m., the skies were pretty bright already. The lovely host at the Oceanview Bed and Breakfast had thoughtfully laid out the breakfast table. When she learnt that I would be happy to have an early breakfast, breakfast was served.

The beauty of the beaches of Lynn on a summer morning makes staying near the beaches of Lynn a rejuvenating simple pleasure to look forward to every morning when I was there. Maybe the residents would have found the familiar seagulls too familiar. Yet to a visitor in me, I was learning to be aware of the songs and the voices of the seagulls. What were the seagulls communicating?

Oceanview Bed and Breakfast is located nearer the edge of Swampscott. The environment in some ways can shape our perspective. Away from the skyscrapers and the busy urban life, I was more attuned to the scent of the ocean-water and the sounds of the waves when I was in Lynn.

A Monument erected by the town of Swampscott
"in memory of the brave and heroic soldiers who died in defence of their country".

I was walking briskly along the beaches on the day of my first morning in Lynn. When I was back at the Oceanview Bed and Breakfast, I had the pleasure to know new friends. I felt thankful for the many opportunities to connect with new friends.

I had a taxi to catch to travel to the island of Nahant that morning. I had initially thought that I could take a public bus from Lynn to Nahant. However, I had realized that the best way to travel to Nahant was either on foot or by taxi.

I was informed that Toms Taxi is one of the best taxi providers in Lynn. The contact number is Tel: 781-598-6100.

The travelling time from Oceanview Bed and Breakfast to Nahant was probably about 10 minutes during non-peak hour. I had added a 20-minutes buffer time to allow for heavy traffic. Then I had aimed to reach slightly ahead of time. When I reached my destination in Nahant, I was way ahead of time!

Life seemed to have led me to visit Lynn and Nahant for a respite and a rejuvenating weekend. I am thankful to Life.

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