Friday, February 12, 2016

Read: I ate Tiong Bahru


Title: I ate Tiong Bahru
Author: Stephen Black

This book reminded me of my occasional visits to Tiong Bahru. While it was not the usual book I would read, I was pleased by my adventurous choice of book to read.

This self-published book puts together anecdotes, historical information, personal experiences and insights related to Tiong Bahru in an expressive and lyrical way.

This palm-sized book was pretty entertaining to read such that I had finished reading it over an evening, on my way to Changi Beach and subsequently on my way home.

Reading I ate Tiong Bahru triggered my recollection of Tiong Bahru as a visitor, non-resident of the area. I was drawn to find out where Galicier that is known for selling traditional Nyonya kuehs. My memory bank did not recall anything related to Galicier while I was reading the way. It was only after I had read the entire book and sat down to do a search on this confectionery did I realized that I had been there! Galicier serves very delicious delicacies. I like its unassuming interior design. Visit Galicier at Block 55 Tiong Bahru Road.

The chapter titled I'm a Kway, You're a Kway reminded me of my personal experiences exploring Tiong Bahru during an art walkabout event known as OH! Open House, Occupy Tiong Bahru that was held in Feb 2012. I cannot quite recall if I had eaten any kways back in Feb 2012 during the art walkabout. Whatever it was, the chapter stated that guests to the walkabout were treated to kways and a lot of reflections and discussions on the key message behind I'm a Kway, You're a Kway.

It was a pleasure to read about the architectural style of several of the buildings found in Tiong Bahru area in this book. Overall, this is a book that sets me intrigued with this place named Tiong Bahru, and makes me yearn to visit it yet again. A pleasure to read this book.

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