Wednesday, April 13, 2016

29 June 2015: Express bus to Boston and James Hook Lobster and Co

29 June 2015 (Mon): 

It was time to leave for Boston after spending a few days in the neighbourhood of Lynn, Nahant and Swampscott.

Special thanks to the thoughtful people at Oceanview Bed and Breakfast, I learnt that I could take the Express Bus 448 to South Station, which was the place that I have to take a bus to head to New York.

James Hook Lobster and Co

I had been told that James Hook Lobster and Co is one of the highly recommended places for fresh lobster rolls in Boston. Therefore, to experience the lobster rolls for myself, I walked to 15 Northern Ave from South Station. The fresh lobster roll was delicious. This classic fresh lobster roll is essentially a hot dog bun filled with fresh lobster meat, dressed in celery and mayo. One roll costs USD$16 before taxes and is considered affordable given its serving of fresh lobster meat.

I ordered a clam chowder to go with the fresh lobster roll. That was a lunch to remember while I was in Boston.

James Hook Lobster and Co
15 Northern Avenue
MA 02210

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