Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Four years blogging

This shall be a post that would make use of Blogger's scheduled-post publishing function to be published. At the time when this post should be published, yours truly would be in the Land Down Under for a short holiday.

When I first started out this blog, it was meant to relieve the boredom of having to be at home after a wisdom tooth surgery.

What helped was that I realised that I needed an avenue to express myself. Writing has been a much more comfortable way for me to express myself than talking. Many thanks to the supportive readers, many whom I have got to know via blogging by chance. While I don't write to gain popularity, the support from readers have provided me encouragement during many down times. Thank you very much for enriching my blogging experiences.

Here's to specially thank Mistipurple for being one of my long-time readers and supporters on this blog. She's probably one of my most faithful readers who have been reading my blog for the longest period of time.

Meantime, I have a question, which is your most memorable post on this blog? Share with us.


Doreen said...

Wow, 4 years! That's not short. Well, I have enjoyed reading your posts. The most memorable? The one you talked about your sketching hobby and also the one you played for ECL on her birthday.

mistipurple said...

the most memorable is the one about your wisdom tooth, lol!
i first found you when i read that you passed your music practical exam. and ever since then, we have been firm friends.
may i take this opportunity to express my joy for knowing such a wonderful friend. thank you for being my friend, py.

EastCoastLife said...

You blogged longer than I!

I was very touched by the video of the song you played for me. I'm still in awe and used to watch it often.

The most memorable was the post on sewing a teddy bear. You didn't look like you could make crafts. haha... kidding. I would love to have one made by you. *wink*

pinkie said...

how time flies, 4 years!!!

Yes, the post about ecl birthday, the video!

oceanskies79 said...

Doreen: Thanks for your sharing. May you have a great weekend.

Mistipurple: Ah, that was my first post! Thank you for being my friend too. :)

eastcoastlife: My honour. Thanks for having watched the video more than once. This is more than I expect.
I'm glad that you find the teddy bear post most memorable. Afterall, it was a special teddy bear to me. :)

Pinkie: Thanks for your friendship these years. :)