Friday, September 12, 2008

On Vacation 12 - 20 Sep 08

Photo taken at Lower Pierce Reservoir, Singapore. I like the tranquil feel of this place.

Yours truly will be taking a short vacation in Australia (Sydney and Melbourne) from 12 - 20 Sep 2008. It should be early spring now.

I may possibly not go online during this period. However, I have a written few scheduled posts on Blogger and these posts will be scheduled to be posted while I am on vacation.

Meantime, I wish for a safe, recharging and fulfilling trip. Please keep safe too.


M said...

Have a great trip and be safe :)

Doreen said...

The pic is so peaceful...Enjoy your holiday and be safe.

mistipurple said...

have fun PY!
i'll be waiting for news here when you get the chance to post. otherwise it's ok. i'll wait a week. ;)