Sunday, April 25, 2010

At the Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant with Mystic

One of my dear friends, Mystic, has superb ideas. We had planned to visit Resort World Sentosa on 25 Apr 2010. On our way to the island of Sentosa, Mystic proposed for brunch at the Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant.

The service at the Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant was excellent. The waitresses were very attentive and thoughtful. They readily served us with tea when our cups were not full.

We ordered the congee with century egg and lean meat, stir-fried baby kailan with garlic, and some dim sum. The food that we ordered was average. Perhaps we did not order any of the restaurant's signature dishes? Anyway, I was pretty impressed with Mystic that she can recognise and even name the chef of the restaurant. I can see her love for good food.

The restaurant revolves! The person who came up with the vision and idea of a revolving restaurant is a genius, I think. Having said so, building and maintaining a revolving restaurant is probably not an inexpensive project. The restaurant lent us a view of the island of Sentosa, the nearby Keppel Harbour, Mount Faber and the nearby hills, and a bit of the city's landscape. It was my first time at the restaurant, and it was a novel experience to enjoy a meal in a revolving restaurant.

More importantly, I thank Mystic for her company and her treat to the meal at the restaurant. These alone has made the trip to the restaurant a memorable and treasured one.

Back at home, I found some information about Prima Limited. There is a lot we can learn from a company like Prima Limited that has evolved over the years from a humble flour mill to a company that is involved in a variety of diverse business sectors.

For readers who are interested to know about the cost of the food at this restaurant, I think this is a bit on the higher than average side. While the dim sum and dessert are generally moderately priced, the baby kailan seems to cost at least $20 for a small serving. While the service is excellent, it is not a factor that will draw me for another visit to the restaurant. Perhaps the factor that really draws people to visit the Revolving Restaurant is the fact that the restaurant revolves and ofers its guest a good paranomic view of the nearby sceneries.

Well, our trip to the Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant did save the day. Both Mystic and I went to Sentosa after our meal. Somehow, both of us prefer our visit to Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant to our trip to Sentosa. Well, both of us miss the Sentosa island that we had visited about half a decade ago.


Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant
201 Keppel Road
Level 9 Prima Tower
Tel: 6272 8822


pinto said...

I have to admit, I never knew the restaurant was open. The Prima building looks derelict.

EastCoastLife said...

Prima Revolving restaurant serves some good signature dishes which are seldom seen at the usual restaurants. A few of them need advance reservation. Their prices are on the high end.

pinkie said...

my late dad used to bring me there... lotsa fond memories indeed... $20 for a plate of kailan is certainly expensive!

oceanskies79 said...

Pinto: Hey Kenneth, you could check it out now that you know that it's opened.

Eastcoastlife: I am happy with simple, affordable and healthy food. Thanks for letting me that the food there needs advanced reservation.

Pinkie: The dim sum is more affordable. If you don't have a preference like myself to have vegetables in my meal, it may be more affordable to order the dim sum.