Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A day of mourning

For reasons unknown, I felt a general sense of melancholy much of today. I may not be able to express my experience very aptly in words. Perhaps humming a tune may better express my heartfelt melancholy.

I wonder if my general mood today is declared the national day of mourning for the victims of the earthquake in China? This piece of information, I had found out towards the end of the day.

Last week, an earthquake struck Qinghai province. Two major earthquakes have happened in China within two years.

I am still searching, to make sense what purposes do natural disasters and man-made disasters have in our world?

Whatever it is, today shall be a day of mourning. May peace be upon the world.


Doreen said...

It was devastating. We are all the sons and daughters of the earth, but why are they suffering? My mind is with them.

pinkie said...

I shudder reading the news... wondering if the world is really coming to an end?

tuti said...

things beyond our control, we can only pray, for peace and less violence. i think it all adds up. hard to explain. like more violence mankind commits, more innocent lives will be lost.

goldilocks said...

Sometimes, there is no cause and effect ie: no causal r/s, no reason. things just happen.