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14 Nov 2010: Dinner in the city

14 Nov 2010 (Sun):

It had been a long yet very fulfilling day out with RL and her fiance. That marked a great start to my visit to Sydney. The day was concluded with dinner at Sydney city.

On our dinner place, I bought some buns from one of the confectionary shops and a piece of banana from one of the Chinese supermarkets along Sussex Street. About the Chinese supermarket, it sells Chinese medicine. I wondered if it was the same Chinese supermarket that one of my friends, XS, had brought me to consult a Chinese sinseh about two years ago?

Dinner was at the Supermeal Chinese Restaurant at 39 Goulburn Street. I was told that it serves one of the most delicious wanton in Sydney city. I was pretty full by the time that the wanton soup was served because I tried to finish the salad that I have bought earlier the day during dinner.

Whatever it is, many thanks to RL and her fiance for their lovely company and their delicious dinner treat.

People and moments that I am grateful for:
1) A marvellous day out with great friends in RL and her fiance. It was an inspiring day out.
2) Two wonderful friends and hosts in RL and her fiance.
3) I have my healthy servings of vegetables at the Supermeal Chinese Restaurant.
4) Good weather. It was so good that I was happily contented with the good luck. My friend, RL, remarked that I could have brought sunshine to Sydney with my arrival. That was a compliment.

New things that I did:
1) I ate wanton for the first time in ages, in a foreign land furthermore.
2) I visited a confectionery in a foreign land and got myself delicious buns.

Supermeal Chinese Restaurant
39 Goulburn Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
Tel:  +61 (02) 92111568

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