Monday, December 20, 2010

16 Nov 2010: After Watsons Bay

16 Nov 2010 (Tue):

With my camera that had its LCD screen damaged from a major fall, I took the following photos on my ride to Circular Quay. Thank goodness that Kodak cameras come with view-finders. That enabled me to have a fair gauge of what I was capturing using my camera. The photographs turned out alright, don't they?

There was still no ferry at that time of the day to Rose Bay. I was thinking I could get myself a new camera and if time permits, take a ferry to Rose Bay, unless my heart had decided to do otherwise. Afterall, 16 Nov was a day to be spontaneous.

My dear friend, RL, went the extra mile and offered to meet me in the city to pass me her camera. I was touched by her kind gesture.

Before meeting my friend, I did a sketch of the Sydney Opera House and started on a sketch of the Museum of Contemporary Art. RL met up with me when I was sketching part of the Museum of Contemporary Art. We had a hearty conversation and I appreciated our shared time together.

People and moments that I am grateful for:
1) Many thanks to my friend, RL, for the extra mile that she took to travel to the city to lend me a camera!
2) I took photos with a camera that was damaged, and the photos turned out alright.
3) A few encouraging folks came by to lend me some compliments when they saw me sketching the Sydney Opera House. 

New things that I did:
I did my first sketch of the Sydney Opera House.

My learning points:
Make time to share time with friends and family, this is a blessing.

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