Wednesday, December 22, 2010

16 Nov 2010: The trees with purple flowers and the Harbour Bridge cross

16 Nov 2010 (Tue):

During my visit to Sydney, I was attracted to one particular species of tree. It has purple flowers and it blossomed in glory during the spring period. I do not remember seeing it in early spring two years ago during my last visit to Sydney. So when I met up with my dear friend, RL, I casually asked if she knew what tree that was. We happen to see a few of such trees near the Museum of Contemporary Art. Does anyone know the name of this tree with purple flowers?

I have found out the name of the tree after I returned to Singapore. Anyway, have fun figuring its name out.

So where next would the spontaneous tourist go? My friend and I decided that we would use the ladies first. So we have went to a nearby ladies recommended by my friend. It was generally clean. After our visit to the ladies, when my friend asked me where I would liek to go, I wonder if she would find me a bit fixated that my mind was still contemplating to catch one of the the last ferries to Rose Bay, and then return back.

She suggested an alternative, and I decided to go along with the flow. It was rare to have the chance to catch up with a friend and I supposed I would be happy sacrificing my visit to Rose Bay. I was, indeed.

Sydney city along George Street was full of urban activities and I felt rather overwhelmed. My friend, RL, showed me to some quieter streets in the city of Sydney. Eventually, she walked the extra mile and accompanied me to cross the Harbour Bridge. It was to be my first time crossing the Harbour Bridge on foot. The view was amazing. It was simple yet there was something delightful about the harbour view from the Harbour Bridge.

I think it would be a special bonus if a wise person discovers my love for the harbour view and engages me to be the resident tourist of Sydney for at least a few months. Then I could do some of the things that I love to do: share with people about the beauty of places that others may not see, to write, and to sketch.

I realised my friend was feeling cold and hungry by the time when we reached the other end of the Harbour Bridge. Ooops, I figured I had went too deep into the mode of being a spontaneous tourist, I could do with a bit more sensitivity.

We walked towards Milsons Point, strongly recommended by my friend. On our way, we saw a beautiful church, Church by the Bridge. I fell in love with the evening skies of that day. It was a great blessing to enjoy such lovely sights with a good friend.

People and moments that I am grateful for:
1) My dear friend, RL, went the extra mile to walk with me to the other end of Harbour Bridge. She need not, and I am touched that she did.
2) I am grateful for good weather and lovely sights when I crossed the Harbour Bridge.
3) I am grateful for a loan of camera which allowed me to take all the photos in this post, and the rest to come, to share with my readers.

New things that I did:
1)  I've crossed the Harbour Bridge on foot for the first time in my life.



tuti said...

ah, purple is always nice.:P
love your sketches, py!

oceanskies79 said...

tuti: Thank you for your compliments.