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17 Nov 2010: The Four Wheel Drive Tours

17 Nov 2010, Wed:

After the enchanting dolphin watching cruise, the tour group was led to enjoy the Four Wheel Drive Tour (also known as "4WD") and to attempt sandboarding. We were brought to a place with sand dunes. If I had got it correct, we were brought by the tour coach to Stockton Beach. The Stockton Beach stretches from Stockton (a suburb of Newcastle) to Anna Bay, a suburb in the Port Stephens area.

I was rather awed by the sand dunes and the massive areas of sand. Nature is marvellous.

We got off the coach and board the vehicle for the Four Wheel Drive Tour. Yes, I was travelling on a massive area of sand. It was quite a new experience.

The four wheel vehicle brought us to an area where we learnt how to sandboard. The gist is that one must constantly keep one's toes and feet touching one end of the sandboard. Honestly, I am not the expert in sandboarding because I decided not to give sandboarding a try that day. I merely stood by the side and watched others who gave sandboarding a try.

After the sandboarding experience, the four wheel vehicle got us close to the beach area. I awe at the expansive area of sandy beach. Much of my time was spent admiring the spacious plot of land and the natural sound of the rhythmic waves.

I guess I would not have had the chance to visit this place if not for the fact that I had joined a tour group. Travelling to Stockton Beach on my own would probably have meant that I would have to stay overnight at Port Stephens.

During the tour, I struck a few conversations with fellow guests who were from Singapore. That day happened to be a public holiday in Singapore. It was Hari Raya Haji. I wonder if that had led many people from Singapore to travel overseas for a short get-away?

People and moments that I am grateful for:
1) I am grateful for the good weather.
2) I am thankful for the beautiful sights onboard the tour.

New things that I did:
1) I learnt how to sandboard, although I did not attempt it.
2) I had a pretty cool ride on the Four Wheel Drive Tour.
3) It was my first visit to Stockton Beach. It's beautiful.

My learning points:
Nature is wonderful. One way to help preserve it to continue to bring us beauty is to respect it.

Port Stephens 4WD Tours
Shop 3, 35 Stockton Street
Nelson Bay, NSW 2315

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