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20 Nov 2010: My friend's kindness to accomodate

20 Nov 2010, Sat:

The original plan for the day was to meet up with one of my friends, KF, at QVB. QVB, otherwise known as the Queen Victoria Building, is one of the well-known buildings in Sydney. It is a very beautiful shopping mall, and I think it is slightly more beautiful than Harrods, London. QVB has a nice old world charm to it. I learnt that it is an example of Byzantine architecture. Notice that the building has a series of domes and domelets. If one were to take a closer look, one could see exquisite stained glass windows and extensive wood panelling throughout.

KF is a friend whom I have gotten to know during my university days when she came to Singapore as an overseas-exchange student for a semester. It had been more than seven years since we had last met. While I was not sure how the meet-up would turn out since it had been ages since our last meeting, I was looking forward to it nevertheless.

After a breakfast that was as usual wonderfully delicious, I remembered that there was some architectural tours in Sydney. I would like to visit one of those if schedule permits. The hotel lobby provided free internet access to hotel guests. I wasted no time to use the internet facilities and came across two Sydney architecture tours.
Somehow I figured that the former might be worth checking out. The latter tour happened to start at 10 a.m. which coincided with my meeting with KF. Yet, I still had an issue. I could go without the tour for I thought it was a rare opportunity to meet a long-time friend. At the same time, I felt I could at least check out with KF if she might like to join me for the tour. Then I could meet Karen and check out the tour as well.

Although KF was not free to join the tour with me, she kindly offered to meet me at an earlier time nearby the meeting point of the Sydney Architecture Walks tour. I appreciate her kindness in accomodating so that I could meet up with her and at the same time, check out the tour.

In the end, KF and I changed our meeting place to Circular Quay. We had a meal at one of the cafes at Circular Quay. KF recommended me to try banana bread. She said it was quite a special kind of bread to eat in Sydney. However, the cafes did not serve banana bread so we settled  for what I vaguely remember as raspberry bread. It was pretty good. More importantly, we had a nice time catching up with one another.

People and moments that I am grateful for:
1) I thank KF for her kindness in meeting me earlier so that I could go for the tour.
2) I am thankful to meet up with KF after so many years. I thank her for making time to meet up.

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