Saturday, January 07, 2012

Charming Naples

Castel Nuovo, a medieval castle in Naples.

Naples, also known as "Napoli" in Italian, is a city in Southern Italy. During my recent trip to Italy, the tour group had a night stay at Naples after our visit to Pompeii, the UNESCO heritage site.

According to Wikipedia, Naples' historic city centre is the largest in Europe. It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.

While we were at Naples, we learnt that Naples is famous for its pizza. The tomatoes from Naples is said to be one of the freshest in Italy. However, I had missed the chance to enjoy a Pizza Margherita from Naples.

One of the puzzling things that I could not quite comprehend when I was in Naples was that the locals seem to like to remind tourists not to be out alone at night. The extent of the cautionary attitude was so great that while I was in Naples, I did not visit any single place except the Chinese restaurant that we had dinner in, the hotel and the ferry terminal where we took a hydrofoil to Capri island. Whatever else that I saw in Naples were observed from the tour bus! Interestingly, I was influenced to be obedient and did not venture out during my entire night in Naples.

Whatever it is, I am rather tempted to consider visiting Naples one day in the future (perhaps with a bodyguard so as to assure the cautious locals). Naples offers a very beautiful sea view, and so I shall end this post with a photo of the charming sea view taken from the tour bus. Be delighted.

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