Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I welcome a brand New Year of 2013

A sketch of Tanah Lot, Bali, Indonesia.

The year of 2013 started on a mystical note, it seems. The message seems to be asking me to make time to slow down.

On the first day of the year, I was excited for a day out in Nature to cycle along East Coast Park. My friends were wonderful to make time for me. Then, barely less than ten minutes of cycling, when I was want to get down the bicycle to stop for a moment, I sprained my ankle. I had sprained that ankle more than a decade ago. Thankfully, I had made the decisions not to continue cycling. My friends were very accommodating, and one of them helped me to return the bicycle. Then I made my way to see a Chinese physician who specializes in sprains and injuries of the bones & muscles. Thankfully, this Chinese physician who specializes in sprains was available on a New Year's Day to attend to me!

Two weeks from New Year's Day, I am thankful that I could still make time to check out some places in Singapore. At the same time, I had to slow down physically. It was painful to race especially when I was told to wear an ankle guard until the pain at the ankle totally subside.

Over the past months, I was undergoing several treatments of Traditional Chinese Medicine medication and acupuncture. I was rather amazed how acupuncture could so amazingly help facilitate the body to work on healing itself. While I was healing from the sprain, I tried to get a few acupuncture treatments for the foot and the leg too. The treatments helped to relieve the muscle aches.

A few days ago, I had managed to get myself a simple copy of a handbook on acupuncture from one of the book-stores at Bras Basah Complex. The task at hand is to make time to read it.

I have a number of other books to read. Maybe the message is to slow down on some other aspects of my life so that I could free up time to read and to learn actively. Life has a lot to offer and for us to learn. It seems like I have started the year 2013 with a message that shall bless me.

One of the outcomes of slowing down was that I had the time to sketch, from a newspapers advertisement, an image of Tanah Lot, Bali, Indonesia. I felt a sense of inner peace during the process of sketching this. It is a blessing to appreciate the joy of sketching and making good art.

Year 2013: I shall learn to slow down a bit, to appreciate the present moments more and to make good art!


EastCoastLife said...

Glad that you are recovering fast from the sprain.

May the rest of the year bring you much joy and good health.

oceanskies79 said...

Hi EastCoastLife: Thanks a lot for your wishes. Best wishes for the New Year.