Sunday, February 23, 2014

10 Jul 2013: From Vienna to Salzburg

10 Jul 2013 (Wed):

The memories from the previous night's Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival's Farewell Reception was still vividly in my mind and soon it was already time to bid farewell to Vienna.

After breakfast at Hotel Airo Tower, the beautiful sunshine prompted me to check out the nearby park. I saw plants that looked like wheat. How beautiful they looked when the morning sunshine shone on them.

Soon enough, our coaches that would take us to Salzburg came. The sceneries along the way was beautiful. On our way to Salzburg, we took a break at a restaurant-cum-rest station called Landzeit. I have to say that the ice-cream from Landzeit was delicious. The food there looked good too.

Nearby Landzeit restaurant, there was a spot to catch beautiful views of the fields and the countryside. It's a blessing to experience the beauty of the countryside. Soon, we would be reaching Salzburg.

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