Sunday, February 09, 2014

6 Jul 2013: From Prague to Vienna

On 6 Jul 2013, the orchestra was ready to head to Vienna for the Summa Cum Laude International Music Festival's Opening Ceremony. The coach journey took more than four hours as best as I could remember. On the coach, I was either catching up on my winks or watching the beautiful scenery from my seat. 

I was feeling thankful that the moving of instruments had been well planned. There were numerous instruments on board.

When we reached Hotel Airo Tower, our group merely left our luggage and instruments in a holding area before taking another coach to head for the St Stephen Cathedral. We were to be there for the SCL Festival Opening Ceremony.

As no coach is allowed to park near the St Stephen Cathedral, we had the pleasure to do some good walking along the streets of Vienna after the coach allowed us to alight near a tram station. Vienna has beautiful trams in my humble opinion. 

It was a pretty hot day that day. Thankfully we were wearing polo T-shirts as our attire for the Opening Ceremony. More meaningful days in Vienna were to come.

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