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5 Jul 2013: The Prague Loreto and the rest of the evening

5 Jul 2013:
After visiting the Prague Castle, my friends suggested visiting the Prague Loreto Chapel. It is said to be a remarkable Baroque historic monument. I do not quite understand the historic significance of the place, yet it is a beautiful chapel to admire.

This chapel, I learnt, houses liturgical treasures including the famous star-shaped Sun of Prague which is studded with 6222 diamonds. I did not have a chance to see the Sun of Prague. Nevertheless, I marvelled at the beauty of the Prague Loreta Chapel against the evening skies.

When the skies were about to turn dark, we took tram service number 22 to head to a place for dinner. While waiting for the tram, we saw a red car speeding about.

Eventually, we decided upon having dinner at the Music Club located in Hotel U Zlateho Stromu, Prague. The pizzas there were reasonably priced and pretty delicious. This is a place for value-for-money pizza. I would have preferred outdoor seating. Then again, there were no available seats outdoor, so we had the indoor seats. Dinner was good.

After the dinner, we took a leisure walk about Charles Bridge. The Prague Castle that was located at a distance away looked beautiful against the evening skies.

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