Thursday, February 26, 2015

Read: Halevy's The Infinite Emotions of Coffee

Title: The Infinite Emotions of Coffee
Author: Alon Y. Halevy
Publisher: Macchiatone Communications (USA, 2011)

Out of interest to learn more about the drink that we know commonly as coffee, I picked up a copy of Halevy's book, The Infinite Emotions of Coffee.

This book discusses about the origins of coffee. It also takes readers to a reading adventure of how coffee has evolved over time at various parts of the world. While reading this book, I realized I have missed a number of opportunities to drink from some of the world-renowned coffee-houses in various parts of Europe. This probably suggests that I would have to make another trip to these parts of Europe in the future to drink the coffee from these famous coffee-houses. While I was in Italy for holiday a few years ago, I had been offered espresso drinks every single morning and I did not realize how good coffee in Italy could be. Now I know.

In the meantime, if you are interested to visit Halevy's favourite cafes at different parts of the world, check out Alon's list of Favourite Cafes here:

A copy of this book is available locally from Bettr Barista's online shop.

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