Saturday, February 21, 2015

Read: Ken Chee's Value Investing for Beginners

Title: Value Investing for Beginners: How to build a Multi-Million Net Worth as Simple as ABC
Author: Ken Chee
Publisher: 8 Media Pte Ltd
Designed and Printed by: Worx Printing and Packaging Pte Ltd
ISBN: 978-981-09-3982-3

This book is indeed for the beginner because the concepts of value-investing were explained in a fairly easy to understand fashion. It was written with new retail investors in mind.

As written on the book's back-cover, the book discusses the following:
- Why one needs to start investing?
- The universal theory for investment
- How to unearth and invest in good business that will generate consistent and sustainable returns?
- The 3-R process in evaluating stocks.
- The difference between valuation versus the price of a stock.
- Ways to proceed with one's investing journey towards financial freedom.

When I laid my hands on this book, I read it from cover-to-cover while I was commuting on the public transport, and I gladly completed a good read of it within two consecutive days.

Long-time value-investors may find this book an easy book to read during bed-time so as to revise the concepts of value-investing. Just be mindful that seasoned value-investors may not learn anything particularly new from this book. Then again, I believe in the power of repetition. What is useful is still worth reading over and over again, even though there is nothing particularly new.

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