Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Read: Philatelic Rambling in Singapore Money

Title: Philatelic Rambling in Singapore Money: From 1953 Queen $1 Note to 2013 Merlion $1 Coin
Authors: Tan Wee Kiat and Lim Ah Moi, Pearly
ISBN: 978-981-09-2288-7
Design and Production: Print and Print Pte Ltd
Year of publication: 2015

Do you have an interest in currency notes and coins that are issued for use in Singapore? In this latest book written by the two authors, Tan Wee Kiat and Lim Ah Moi, readers can learn more about Singapore's history and heritage through relatively affordable philatelic materials such as currency notes and coins.

Many thanks to the kind generosity of Dr Tan Wee Kiat, I received a gift of his latest book at an informal book launch in Jan 2015. The book is an accessible read that I read it from cover to cover within a week after receiving the book. I find it very interesting to get a glimpse of how the design of Singapore's currency has evolved over the years.

While reading this book, I was particularly intrigued by the mention of the 1967 Interchangeability Agreement. Under this agreement, the three separate currencies namely the Malaysian ringgit, Brunei Dollar and Singapore Dollar were kept equal in value. In 1973, Malaysia withdrew from the agreement. Singapore and Brunei continued to keep the currencies interchangeable. No wonder as a child, I recalled my mother telling me that one Brunei dollar is equivalent to one Singapore dollar. I could appreciate why after reading this book.

This book could be found at major bookstores. Enjoy a good read to support your hobby of collecting currencies and coins.

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