Sunday, June 05, 2016

29 Jun 2015: HI New York City

29 Jun 2015: When I visited New York City in June and July 2015, I chose to stay in an international hostel. Firstly, it was cheaper than staying in a hotel. Next, an international hostel offers many free programmes and activities to meet fellow travelers. I chose to stay in HI New York City which is located a few minutes from the nearest subway and located on Manhattan's famous Upper West side.

Checking in to the hostel was a fairly smooth affair. I felt thankful for an easy time checking in. The lobby of the hostel was inviting and provided spaces for guests to take their seats.

On my first night at HI New York City, there was a Welcome Party at the hostel. I did not know anyone, and I felt rather out of place at the hostel's Welcome Party initially. Attending the party was an opportunity for me to open myself up to meet new friends. Attendance to the Welcome Party was free. The meals at the welcome party were available for a reasonable fee. I thank HI New York City for the hospitality.

HI New York City
891 Amsterdam Avenue
New York,
NY 10025

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