Thursday, November 01, 2007

Reflect, encourage and move on

I had sat for DipABRSM on 18 Sep 2007, and today, I was informed by phone that the results are available for collection.

I took a taxi after work to the Music Examinations Office at Victoria Concert Hall so as to collect my results. I had failed the exam as a whole. Though I have passed the Viva Voce, I did not earn a pass for both the recital section and the quick study section. From the remarks made by the exams, I need to work a lot more on rhythmic aspects. In addition, the intonation could be more focused.

For now, I shall reflect on how I could improve on my weaker aspects, and enhance my strengths. Hopefully the feelings of being discouraged gets managed, and I have to learn to encourage myself for the good things that had been achieved during the exams.

I am thinking when would be an appropriate time to retake the DipABRSM Music Performance exams. I would wish that when I retake the exams, I would be able to confidently score a good pass. Afterall, another failure either means that I have not improved on areas that I need to, or that the circumstances are all too not favourable to facilitate a pass. Whatever it is, I do not wish to rush retaking the exams but not having the time to work on key aspects that needs to be improved.

Last but not the least, special thanks to my tutor, to my piano accompanist (J) and my music theory tutor. My words of thanks to many others who have given me your support and encouragement along the way. Thank you.

Here's also to thank Mystic for calling to express her kind concern after she knew of my results.

I wish for better music performance.


mistipurple said...

be encouraged. this is quite common for higher level music exams. you will do better the second round. i would think it is okay to try again early next year, if there is a dip exam for that period. otherwise, go for it in july/sept next year. for one thing, the syllabus will change after a couple of years and it would be quite tedious to do a new piece altogether. the time might be better spent improving on the present exam piece and widening your repertoire with other works. take heart. you are just another step nearer to success.

oceanskies79 said...

Mistipurple: Thank you for your kind encouragement.

emily said...

hey! don be too disapointed... it like tt one, for dipab. work again nxt yr la... =) i support you!

oceanskies79 said...

Emily: Thank you.