Friday, August 22, 2008

May the headache go away

I have a nagging, though not extremely painful, headache since yesterday. Maybe my body fluid level is not well-balanced? Or could it be a sign of exhaustion?

I have been reaching my office early everyday for the past few weeks. Then for the past two weeks on every Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, I have been working till at least 9 p.m. When I told my double bass tutor this and he realised that I don't get any monetary remuneration for working extra hours (because there is simply too much paper work and work in general that I have to work extra hours to get the work done, and I wish to clear most of the important work before I go for holiday next month), he asked me to consider changing my job. On the very same day, someone else who also does music-related work also asked me to consider changing my job. I am considering, while trying to lay a good foundation in the things that I enjoy doing.

Meantime, maybe the social service sector should relook at the kind of workload that it expects each social service professionals to do. The society is getting more complex and some issues need more time to intervene. Furthermore there are increasingly a huge surge in the paper-work to do just to have the necessary documentations to be accountable. All these are extra workload that may often be overlooked by the management and the administrators who plan for manpower needs. I feel rather uneasy when a few colleagues of mine told me that they are coming to office on a non-working Saturday. Tomorrow is my working Saturday, and from the way the workload seems, I would be working longer that the official working hours tomorrow.

For now, I just hope that the headache would go away. Ease the nagging pain.

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