Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Needing to slow down

Work is getting increasingly heavy. Perhaps the increase in the cost of living and the complexities in modern living have contributed to people experiencing more stress. My workplace is getting much more people being referred or self-referred for services.

I have been working till 9 p.m. on last Friday, yesterday and today. Thank goodness that I have made it a point not to work overtime on the days that I have rehearsals and double bass lessons! Tomorrow, I would finally be able to leave the office earlier for the day. However, so much more work remains to be done.

I think I would soon ask for HELP!
This is a sign that reminds me set aside time to slow down and to recharge!

What a crazy month of August.


pinkie said...

goodness! work til 9pm!!! not having to work overtime on days where you have rehearsals and lessons will also mean there's stress to clear work fast in the day, I know tat feeling. Is your company hiring? better to let your boss know your limit.

mistipurple said...

times ARE bad. but not everybody understands this. i empathize with those who are coping like crazy.

crazycat said...

i think if u need help, juz shout. cos no one will know until u do tat. Do try to keep sane and not overwork yourself. :D

Doreen said...

Does that mean your company is seriously under-staff?

oceanskies79 said...

Pinkie: I've made an attempt to tell my boss that I am overloaded with work.

Misti: Thanks.

Crazycat: I try to keep sane by going for rehearsal tonight, and stealing some moments of nap during my journey to the rehearsal venue.

Doreen: I think so...but I doubt the management sees that way.