Saturday, August 09, 2008

Music learning to bring out the best in human potential

I came across a noteworthy news article on one of the Chinese newspaper. It is about the music education programme provided by Seimpi School of Music.

I think this is a worthy programme to check out. I am thankful that I have had the privilege to learn and play a music instrument, and I can say that learning music has helped me in many aspects. After reading the newspaper article, I believe that providing young children early access to effective music education not only brings joy and fun to their lives, but would help them to acquire the useful skills that help develop their minds.

I am feeling envious. I wish there was such a programme that I could attend when I was young!

Anyway, here is the website of Seimpi School of Music that is worth a visit:


eastcoastlife said...

Not everybody can accept music... I don't listen to the noisy pop songs but love classical music.

My son accepts any type of music... he's more open and accepting. :)

pinkie said...

Am sure its courses dun come cheap... py, you started not tat young and have already progressed so much, you're really talented! :)