Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sunday Brunch with Mystic

I am feeling pretty tired from a long day of work. The blessing is that at least I have kept myself sane.

Anyway, a few days ago, I met up with one of my good friends, Mystic, to have Sunday Brunch at the Quentin's, the Eurasian restaurant. Mystic has much to comment about the food there. It seemed to me that she gave the food there merely passing marks, but not excellent marks. My friend has high expectations of food preparation and food so I guess the novelty of having Eurasian food did not cloud her judgement.

Anyway, my personal favourite were the Long Beans, the salad, the Meaty Cutlet (but I refrained from taking more than two because I wish to eat less meat), and the Prawn Bostador (though I did not take the prawns as I wish to avoid seafood).

Some dishes worth trying are: Chicken Devil's Curry, the Shepherd's Pie and the Sugee Cake.

To be fair, for $15++ per person for the Sunday Buffet Brunch, it was an affordable deal, considering it that there is a fairly peaceful view just outside the restaurant.

Many thanks to Mystic. I think she has been a very accomodating friend to put up with my fancy for breakfast and brunch. She even gave me a lift to the Eurasian Community House.

139 Ceylon Road,
Eurasian Community House,
Singapore 429744
Telephone Number: 6346-1837
Fax Number: 6346-1847

Opening hours
Lunch: 11.30am to 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.30pm to 10.30pm


pinto said...

Hmmm... Quentin's. I've not eaten there but the word from fellow Eurasians is that the food there is nothing to shout about.

Of course, we all believe our mother's cooking is best, so if I were to go there, I'd probably pan the food!

I really have to remember to bring some of my mum's sugee cake to the next FoYer gathering. =)

Doreen said...

Just visited their website. Looks like a place worth to try in my next visit to Singapore.

oceanskies79 said...

Pinto: I heard that the sugee cake is a must to have during important occasions for the Eurasians. Hopefully I would have the luck to try your mum's sugee cake.

The food at Quentin's alright. I suppose it takes a lot of courage to open an Eurasian restaurant since I have a feeling most Eurasians believe that their mother's cooking is the best. Having an Eurasian restaurant could help somehow keep the Eurasian food heritage alive to some extent?

Doreen: When will you be visiting Singapore?

pinto said...

Yes, sugee cake is almost omnipresent at any occasion.

I suppose it is one way of keeping Eurasian food heritage alive, but not the only way. The best way would be for each one of us to learn from our mums! I am quite guilty of not doing this though...

eastcoastlife said...

The buffet price is reasonable, I should try it one day.

Fancy coming all the way to have brunch. :) I was in AMK Hub that day and had dinner at Rasa Sayang. haha....

oceanskies79 said...

Pinto: Exactly....many people may not have the interest to learn their mother's cooking and to improve on their family's recipe. Is someone in your family (not necesary yourself) learning the family's recipes?

eastcoastlife: Yup. Go to Quentin's for the novelty, and if you like spices. I like the cosy and homely ambience. There's even a mini museum on Eurasian in Singapore nearby the restuarant, in the Eurasian Community House.

Gosh, we were so near yet so far on Sunday. Was Rasa Sayang the Ang Mo Kio Western food stall that you had mentioned about?

pinto said...

My sister is... I hope!

oceanskies79 said...

Pinto: Cheers to your sister!

Victor said...

Looks like a good place to try out. I pass by that area quite often but always end up eating at the nearby Dunman Road Food Centre or at one of the many eateries at East Coast Road.

Plus, there's a chance to bump into the President who lives in the vicinity.

oceanskies79 said...

Victor: Yes, there's a high chance you may see the President's residence nearby...