Friday, March 20, 2009

My short trip to Ipoh

I have bought my camera but I must have been so focused on sitting for the Music Theory examinations that I did not take a single photograph while I was in Ipoh.

The journey from Singapore to Ipoh was about seven hours by coach. I took a luxury coach service and the coach came with electronic snoozer seats. That helped me get a bit of rest on the coach. Nevertheless, the journey was a bumpy one, so do expect for a bumpy ride.

My examinations were held at one of the classrooms of one of the schools in Ipoh. The classroom brought about nostalgia. It reminded me of my Secondary School classroom, with its wooden tables and chairs.

After the exams, I had Ipoh Hor Fun for lunch. The rice-noodles (Hor Fun) in Ipoh are more smooth and silky than those that I find in Singapore. I was given recommendations by a few locals that the Ipoh Hor Fun from Tian Jing Cha Shi has one of the best Ipoh Hor Fun in Ipoh, and I am glad that I have tried it.

Much of the rest of my time in Ipoh was spent reading. The weather in the afternoon was rainy and I figured reading would better nourish my mind than anything else.

That's all for my trip to Ipoh. I am thankful for a safe trip home.


EastCoastLife said...

No picture of the Ipoh Hor Fun that you ate?

I was recommended several good eats at Ipoh but have not had a chance to visit Ipoh yet.

You should have stayed another day to tour the town.

Doreen said...

You had to driver all the way to Ipoh just to sit your music theory exam? That's quite a long way!

oceanskies79 said...

Eastcoastlife: Errr..yes, I have no picture to show.

I would rather be back home. :)

Doreen: I took a bus, driven by someone. This is the price I willingly pay for playing for the recent concert, while still sitting for music theory exams in Mar 2009.

pinkie said...

Interesting to know that the rice noodles is more smooth @ Ipoh than in SIN...

oceanskies79 said...

Pinkie: Yes, it is interesting. I heard that it is because the water is clean and of better quality there.....that is what the locals there say, because the water source in Ipoh is usually from the clear springs, I heard.

tigerfish said...

I was googling "coach service singapore to ipoh" and your post came up! :)

I need to travel there to attend a wedding. For the coach service you took, it just had snoozer seats and nothing else to keep passengers entertained in the long journey? :O