Friday, March 13, 2009

This weekend and more

Once again, the concert is drawing near. The NUS Symphony Orchestra will be presenting its 30th anniversary concert on 14 Mar 2009. Emily will have one of her compositions premiered in this concert. Yours truly will be performing. If you are keen to support, tickets are available from SISTICS.

The NUS Symphony Orchestra Presents
A New Season

(part of the NUS Arts Festival 2009)
Saturday, 14 March 2009, 8pm,
University Cultural Centre Concert Hall
Tickets at $15 and $18 (includes Sistic charge)

The night after the concert, I will be taking a bus-ride to Ipoh, Malaysia, to sit for the ABRSM Grade 8 Music Theory exams. The ABRSM Grade 8 Music Theory exams in Singapore clashes with the rehearsal for the concert on 14 Mar 2009, so I decided to take the exams in nearby Malaysia since the music exams in Malaysia will be held on 16 Mar 2009.

Please wish me a safe journey to Ipoh and back to Singapore. Hopefully good luck and good health will shine on me for the exams. I will be arriving Ipoh at about 5 a.m. on 16 Mar 2009, and then take the exams at 9 a.m. I should be in safe hands. I wish I would be in a state of clear-mind when I sit for the exams.

For the week of 15 Mar 2009 to 21 Mar 2009, it is officially declared a week of break from playing the double bass.


Since I will be working on the concert, preparing for music theory exams and will be in Ipoh for a short while, this blog will run automatically on its own without the presence of its blog author. Most of the posts that you would see after 13 Mar 2009 would have been scheduled posts. In fact, this post was written on 7 Mar 2009 and will be scheduled to be published on 13 Mar 2009.


pinto said...

All the best for your Grade 8 exam!

EastCoastLife said...

Best wishes for your exam.
But gosh, travel all the way to Ipoh to take an exam! I hope you will rest well in the coach.

oceanskies79 said...

Kenneth: Thanks a lot for your well-wishes. I appreciate it a lot.

Eastcoastlife: Thank you very much. I will need a good rest on the coach. This week has been a week when I needed a lot of rest.

Jammie J. said...

Enjoy performing in the concert!

I wish you peace so that you are well rested for the exam and good health so that you're not distracted by concerns of not feeling well.

I'm confident you'll do well in the concert and on the exam -- you're so very talented.