Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yesterday's concert

Yesterday's concert was a success. Many thanks to those who have made it possible. My thanks to my friends who have made time to lend their support and presence. I greatly appreciate their sincere support.

The concert yesterday was a special one. Firstly, it was the 30th anniversary concert of the NUS Symphony Orchestra. There was actually a presentation of a montage of photographs of the orchestra over the years. It was presented during the intermission.

Secondly, our guest-of-honour was Mr Paul Abisheganaden who established the NUS Concert Orchestra in 1979. I felt very touched when our current Resident Conductor dedicate Dvorak's Slavonic Dance to Mr Paul Abisheganaden to round up the concert.

Thirdly, it was special because the orchestra was playing a commissioned work, About E.C.O. written by one of my friends, Emily Koh. It was my second time playing Emily's works. The first was when I played her work, Suicidal Tendencies. It was exciting to play her work and to witness how her works have matured over time. Great work Emily! I am now looking forward to attend Emily's Senior Recital that showcases some of her compositions.

The fourth reason to make the concert a special one to yours truly was that I get to play Vivaldi's Winter which was one of the favourite piece of music of a good friend of mine. I have not expected that I had the opportunity to do play for her on stage during the concert itself, yet I did. My heartfelt appreciation to her for attending and supporting the concert. It meant a lot to me for I cherish her friendship. She is possibly one of the few good friends I have known for more than a decade. She is also probably one of those few friends who would have heard how elementary my playing on the double bass had sound when I had first started out playing the double bass more than a decade ago. There is comfort and joy to know that my playing has improved over the years.

The fifth reason was that the ticket sales for the concert was a commendable success. Three weeks ago, we had only 100 confirmed tickets sold. At the day of the concert, we have got more than 900 seats sold. Once again, many thanks to the audience for their support. Last but not the least, thank you for sharing our joy of celebrating the orchestra's 30th anniversary, certainly a New Season.


c a r c a r said...

Thanks for the invitation, i would say the concert was really really good and successful one!

listening to Dvorak's Slavonic Dance now and i like this piece so much.

Love Emily's About E.C.O. , was great too! My bf is very impressed that she is so young yet talented.

You girls rock!

Thanks once again!~

oceanskies79 said...

Carcar: Thanks a lot for your support. :)
Hey, Emily will be having her graduation-year recital this coming Thu, 19 Mar 2009. Details can be found on my blog.

EastCoastLife said...

What great news! Congrats!