Tuesday, March 10, 2009

People to be grateful for. Part 8

When it comes to friends whom I am grateful for, often it is not about the very big things that they do, but it is about the many simple things that they do to show that they care. I am grateful to have found a friend in Goldilocks (JY).

JY and I had studied in the same secondary school, the same junior college and the same faculty in the university. Interestingly, we probably got to know each other as friends only from our university years.

Her kindness has touched my heart. Admittedly, my years as an undergraduate were possibly one of the most depressive times in my life. Yet, it was friends like her who have helped make each of those past days more bearable. I vaguely remember one occasion when I was an undergraduate having an extremely bad day and feeling awfully low. I met JY by chance when heading to the Arts Canteen. She said hello to me and initiated a lunch together. It was a simple gesture of kindness, that helped bring a lot of comfort to yours truly who was having a gloomy day.

I thank her for lending her time generously to be one of my first participants when I needed to practise administering the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator). The MBTI and Type theories just got me so excited that I could not help but want to have my hands on administering it. She impressed me by going for the accreditation course in MBTI thereafter and administering the indicator to more people than I did.

I am very thankful for JY's companionship. There were many, if not countless times, that she offered her time and companionship. Be it to watch a drama production, a lunch together at the faculty, to lend her listening ears when I needed to sort through some issues close to my heart, and simply a company.

I am also grateful that on one occasion when I needed help to carry the double bass stool for a music-exams rehearsal, she generously gave her time to help me with it. I badly needed help with it for there was no way I could carry a stool with a double bass in my hands.

JY has been a very supportive friend when it comes to my pursuit of playing music in an orchestra. I deeply appreciate her support in attending a number of the concerts that I have played in. It matters a lot to me for I feel a sense of comfort that there are people who do wish to share the joy of music-making. Thanks JY.

JY is a pretty witty lady if one can get to know her better. Well, it can often be an interesting exchange to just communicate with her via writing. I recalled having to communicate with her via ICQ years ago and at times on MSN, and it was a delightful experience interacting with her via writing.

Before I end this post, I would also like to thank her for the many post-cards she has been giving me when she goes overseas. These postcards are like windows to the world that I have yet to see, and they warm my heart that someone cares enough to share the delight of this beautiful world with me. Thank you JY.


goldilocks said...

Thank you, PY.

oceanskies79 said...

Goldilocks: Thank you!

mistipurple said...

yes indeed, i can sense goldilocks is a wonderful friend. i do read her blog and have seen that quality shine in her. ;)

oceanskies79 said...

Mistipurple: Yes, indeed. :)