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20 Nov 2010: Milsons Point and the ferry rides at night

20 Nov 2010, Sat:

It was the last night of my stay at Sydney. I would be taking a flight back to Singapore the next afternoon. If you were to ask me what I would like to do with the night, I knew it was to take a ferry ride to Darling Harbour. Before that, I thought I could visit Milsons Point to enjoy some moment of solitude and to gaze at the Sydney Harbour Bridge at night.

On the ferry ride to Milsons Point, there were fireworks display in the skies. I casually engaged in a conversation with one of the passengers on the ferry. She is a resident living near Milsons Point. She shared in 90% of the fireworks in Sydney are of private origin. So long as one can afford, one could arrange for fireworks to celebrate weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. I supposed given how privileged her place of residence sits, she could enjoy one of the most beautiful views in Sydney and plenty of fireworks. She shared that her secret to wealth was to save and to invest wisely.

At Milsons Point, the view was one that offered solitude and lots of refreshing winds. A few teenagers caught me taking photographs of the Sydney Opera House at Milsons Point. One shouted "There's nothing to take photograph of." I simply heard what he had said and stopped to enjoy the beauty of the solitude that Milsons Point has to offer.

I felt inspired by the solitude and the simplicity of the night skies that I sat down to do a sketch of the wharf. Yes, under limited lighting conditions. The sketch itself is awfully simple, yet I hope it has in some ways captured my responses to the inner beauty of Milsons Point under the night skies.

Then I took what I remembered was the last ferry from Milsons Point to Pyrmount Bay. It stopped by at McMahons Point. From the ferry which stopped at McMahons Point, I was offered a pretty nice view of Luna Park. Imagine seeing an amusement park of rides and games brilliantly lit up against the dark skies.

The weather was turning pretty cold with the winds. I did not bring along my thicker jacket that night so I was basically doing my best to keep myself warm. Of course, I could have sat in the sheltered parts of the ferry but I chose to be seated at the unsheltered parts of the ferry so as to enjoy the breeze from the Sydney Harbour. Dear yours truly realised that it might be a while before I could enjoy the breeze from the Sydney Harbour again, so I chose to pay the price of feeling cold from the winds.

The ferry travelled to Balmain East and Darling Harbour. I could not help but to start to feel that I would miss Sydney. The beauty of the night could best be felt in person. My photographs would not do its beauty much justice.

Finally, when I arrived at Pyrmount Bay, I chose to take an unfamiliar path. I walked along Murray Street and got myself lost. Thank goodness that I met a group of pedestrains and one of the ladies gave me tips to take an overhead bridge that would get me to Darling Harbour. I was lost and I was found. I was alone yet I was not actually so. In this world, I may seem independent, yet I was interdependent. I felt a good sense of relief when I found myself back to familiar grounds. Yet, I was beaming with a sense of joy from having survived an adventure when I was lost and was found.

I could do better in future by enjoying the sights even when I get myself lost. When I was lost along Murray Street, I was looking for clues to find my way back to the hotel that I could have missed the beauty of what I had seen. So after receiving the tips from the kind lady and when I finally saw glimpses of the Convention Centre, I took some moments to enjoy the beauty of the night and whatever the locality has to offer.

People and moments that I am grateful for:
1) Getting back to the hotel safe and sound at the end of the day was something to be grateful for. It was a day of getting lost and getting found.
2) Many thanks to the lady who gave me helpful directions when I was lost near Murray Street.
3) It was chilling cold that night. Thank goodness that the weather was kind on me.

New things that I did:
1) I took a ferry from Milsons Point to Pyrmount Bay.
2) I ventured about Murray Street for the very first time.

My learning points:
1) Even when one is lost, admire the beauty of the surroundings. Learn to trust that even though one may not know how, somehow there is greater likelihood for one to find one's way soon even enough.

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